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We are the Milan make-up academy for fashion, born from the know-how of Blend Management, a make-up artist and hair stylist agency in Milan and Paris. We offer makeup courses to become a professional makeup artist. In addition to the Advanced Make-up Courses, we have set up basic, short and frequent make-up courses, designed for all those who aspire to become make-up artists in the fashion world.

Our Academy trains the new generation of Make Up artists: we offer specialized courses for those who, having already obtained training in the field, wish to work as a make-up artist in the world of Fashion.
Blend Management was born from the merger of two historic agencies, Close up and Atomo+.

Blend Management today represents talents who operate internationally in the field of fashion and beauty.

The Blend Academy Milano make-up school, the latest born, can boast an exceptional DNA: its teachers are make-up experts updated on new make-up techniques and the latest beauty trends, professionals constantly engaged as make-up artists in the back stages of fashion week shows and fashion shoots.
Elisabetta Chiesi - Blend Academy Milano
Luca Cianciolo - Blend Academy Milano
Jessica Canedza - Blend Academy Milano
Martina D'andrea - Blend Academy Milano

Who are we?

Blend Academy Milano is the newest member of a large family that operates internationally consisting of Blend Management and Atomo+

Thanks to this heritage, Blend Academy Milano can boast an exceptional DNA: our make up courses are taught by professional teachers who are up-to-date on the latest techniques thanks to their experience on the sets and in the back stages of fashion shows

In the Advanced courses, the teaching applied by our professional teachers also makes use of the intervention of a group selected from the talent of Blend Management to expand and make the learning process for our students as varied as possible

Blend Academy Milano is an educational system designed for those who are drawn to the world of makeup and desire to gain professional specialization in the field of fashion.

Our focus is highly specific, and all the programs of the courses we offer, both short and more comprehensive, are structured to achieve a specific goal: to create technical foundations, develop talents, and guide aptitudes so that our students are prepared to face fashion shoots and backstage runway events with conscious readiness.

The instructors at Blend Academy Milano, Blend Management, and their talented professionals, with their expertise and know-how, guarantee an educational bridge of unparalleled effectiveness between the academic experience and the ever-evolving real needs of the fashion industry.
About us
About us

Our Values

Direct connection with Blend Management

Italian Know-how

Collaboration between the two teams

Collaboration with the Fashion World

Avanguard Teaching Method

International Vision

Formative Preparation

We have created frequent and quick basic makeup courses, where students will be able to learn the essentials of makeup. During the course to become a make-up artist, each aspiring make-up artist will be led step by step towards the acquisition of a safe and confident manual skills with which they will subsequently be able to face the technical challenges proposed by the Advanced Course, to become a professional fashion make-up artist.

Fashion Focused

The profession of make-up artist can be carried out in many working environments and for each of these specific skills and attitudes are required. The focus of the Blend Academy Milano makeup school is aimed at the fashion sector and strictly aimed at those who want to express their creativity as a fashion makeup artist.


The world of fashion is a multifaceted reality and Blend Academy Milano, with its own school for make-up artists, offers students an all-round vision of this complex and nuanced profession through always new stimuli and meetings with professionals in the sector.

Human Value

Each person is different and each creativity requires specific care. In our make-up school in Milan we organize small classes to be able to follow our students individually and support them personally in their training to become a successful make-up artist.

Innovation Research

The teaching system in the Blend Academy Milano make-up school. is not based on a predefined and rigid scheme, but is continually revised and updated: every year teachers and talents compete to identify new goals for the make-up experts. of tomorrow.


Passion and determination are the key elements of the final evaluation in Blend Academy Milano. The exams that students are required to take in our make-up school are first and foremost a practical comparison on the work done during the course. Each make-up lesson, each meeting, each fashion shoot contributes to the evolution of the student and the participation with which they are faced gives us the measure of his involvement.


The Blend Academy Milano team is comprised of a group of professionals who have been working in the fashion industry with their own specificity for years.

How we organize collaborations is not pyramidal: every decision is shared so that the whole team is always aware of the changes and opportunities to explore.
Annamaria Abbate

Annamaria Abbate

Co-Founder - With a professional background as a makeup artist in the world of fashion, Annamaria Abbate has collaborated with the most important Italian and international fashion brands and creative agencies. Founder of the historic beauty agency Closeup Milano and co-founder of Blend Management with its energetic and innovative approach, it is the meeting point between art, beauty and business.
Elisabetta Chiesi

Elisabetta Chiesi

Academic Director - Elisabetta lives and works in Milan and for more than 30 years she has been working as a Makeup Artist in the field of fashion, collaborating with prestigious Italian and international magazines and brands. In addition to this activity she is dedicated to training the new generations who want to pursue this career. Today she is the Academic director of Blend Academy.
Alessandro Bruno

Alessandro Bruno

Public Relations - Alessandro has always been fascinated by the world of creativity and visual arts.
After his training in fashion communication in Milan, he is currently in charge of the management of beauty talents for Blend Management and takes part daily in the life of Blend Academy Milano.
Paola Bonfanti

Paola Bonfanti

Social Media Manager - Social Media Specialist of Blend Academy Milano, she has been dealing with Digital and Social Media for several years.
With a varied experience that ranges from the music scene, events, to the backstage of fashion, Paola actively participates in the world of creativity and visual arts channeling through digital media her passions.
Christian Gerini

Christian Gerini

Communication Specialist - Christian is a communication expert capable of combining his passions for creativity, innovation and design. Blend Academy Milano and its freelance activity allow him to combine professionalism and competence with a continuous desire to experiment and research.
Nazim Beltran

Nazim Beltran

Website & Digital Manager - Nazim Beltran has been involved in digital communication in the field of fashion and design for years, offering collaborations to internationally renowned brands and companies. For Blend Academy, he and his team follow the digital strategy.