Advanced Makeup Course - Daytime | Blend Makeup Academy Milano
91 Lessons / Daytime
Aprox. 7 months + 7 days stage

Lessons: 4/5 hour sessions.
Mon. - Tue. - Wed. - Thu.
From a practical point of view, the program includes study and exercises on the styles of the epochs from the end of '800 to today both from a strictly historical point of view and their elaboration in a modern key, analyzing how fashion in recent years has reused and reinvented this vast visual heritage.
The last part of the course is dedicated to the study, research and practice of the suggestions that have characterized the most recent aesthetic trends.

All the practical training of the student is supported by a dense booklet of lectures on the history of fashion and history of fashion photography, and meetings with industry professionals

The following list represents a schematic description of the path followed by our students through the themes that characterize our most comprehensive training proposal.

• Skin care: how to prepare the skin
• Color Theory
• Gestalt Theory
• Product development: how to create mixtures
• Historical make up:
• Belle Époque
• Eyebrow coverage
• 1920s
• 1930s: Glam
• 1940s
• 1950s
• 1960s
• Glitters and false lashes: research + execution
• 1970s
• Punk
• Romeo Gigli- The Ethnic Romanticism of the 1980s
• Feather lashes
• 1980s opulence
• 1990s glam- top models
• Grunge
• 1990s minimalism and androgynous makeup
• Y2K
• Revisiting studied styles in a modern context
• Research - face chart - mood board: how to turn an idea into a reference
• How a set works: work on the look
• How fashion shows work
• Graphic look: research + face chart
• Work on reference: Blade runner- research
• Black skin: dark base
• Dark base + color
• Freckles: techniques and looks
• No makeup materials- research + face chart or project
• Makeup with unconventional materials
• Manicure
• Face painting- black lace on skin
• Face painting- trompe l’oeil
• Exam project research
• Mature and/or celebrity skins
• Drag makeup in fashion

The teaching of this study plan is enriched by the participation during some days of the talent of Blend Management that will follow practical exercises on key issues that emerged during the Fashion Weeks of recent seasons.

There are also shooting beauty sessions with professional photographers

At the end of the Complex course, students have the opportunity to follow a seven day (non-consecutive) internship as assistants to senior Blend Management talents.

The internship days take place on fashion photographic sets and/or backstage of fashion shows.

Students who have distinguished themselves during the year will be selected by the Blend Management agency and introduced into the roster of assistants.


We have thought of frequent and rapid preparatory courses to provide our students with the essential make-up basics: we lead them step by step towards the acquisition of a safe and easy manual skills with which, whoever wishes, can easily face the challenges. techniques proposed by the Advanced course.

who it is for?

Reserved for students who already have a proven basic training and / or have attended our Basic Course. Compulsory attendance, minimum age required 18, maximum number of students admitted 14.

why choose it?

The profession of Make-up artist can be carried out in many working environments and for each of these specific skills and attitudes are required: our focus is aimed and strictly aimed at those who wish to express their creativity in the world of Fashion.

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