Basic MakeUp Course - Daytime | Blend Makeup Academy Milano
12 Lessons / Daytime
1 month

Lessons: 5 hour sessions
10.00am ⁄ 3.30pm
Mon. - Wed.- Thur.
Basic preparatory course dedicated both to students who aspire to access advanced MAKE UP courses, and to all those who want to look at the world of make-up or get a basic training to be reinvested in their business.

The MAKE UP BASIC COURSE / DAY is purely practical and addresses all the issues required to achieve the tools necessary for the implementation of corrective and harmonizing make up of the face (tools, materials and equipment: how they are used and how they are combined, how to create a current base, techniques of chiaroscuro in drawing and make up, study of facial shapes and contouring, surgery on eyebrows, study of eye shape and its corrections, the mouth and its corrections).

Although it is a basic course our way of approaching the techniques described should be considered in function of the field in which they will be used or not in a transformative function (how they can be used for example in the theater) but always in perspective of their use in the field of fashion then in an absolutely contemporary version


• Matte and glowly base
• How chiaroscuro works - face shapes - drawing exercises
• B&W contouring
• Contouring natural colors: with greasy and powdery cosmetics
• Eyebrows: materials and corrections
• Eyes: outlining - blending eye shapes - corrections
• Corrective eyeliner
• The mouth: shapes and corrections
• False eyelashes: natural effect


We have thought of frequent and rapid preparatory courses to provide our students with the essential make-up basics: we lead them step by step towards the acquisition of a safe and easy manual skill with which, whoever wishes, can easily face the challenges. techniques proposed by the Advanced course.

who it is for?

Course aimed at all make-up enthusiasts who want to experience their attitude towards this profession with a short but effective path or to those interested in embarking on a path from scratch.

why choose it?

The teaching and learning of basic techniques can be considered limiting: it stops being so when you teach it and you learn it in the perspective of a broader vision, aimed at an ever-changing world

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