Nails Course - Daytime | Blend Makeup Academy Milano
4 Lessons / Daytime
1 month

Lesson sessions: 6 hour
9.30am-1.30pm / 2.30pm-4.30pm
This course is designed for those interested in performing the job of manicurist on the photographic sets and backstage of the fashion shows
and is also an excellent update for make up artists who want to learn the basic Nails techniques to use during
the shooting.

The talent of BLEND MANAGEMENT who have been doing this activity for years, illustrate the most frequent requests, recommend the most effective products and explain all the secrets to achieve perfect aesthetic goals in the preparation of models


As with hair stylists, our manicurists also carry out their activity mainly on six and in the backstage: it is for this reason that we have involved them in teaching so that they can teach their profession applied to the world of fashion.

who it is for?

This course is aimed at anyone wishing to learn the ways, times and techniques to carry out the activity of manicurist on the sets and back stages of fashion shows and to make-up artists who feel the need to add a useful piece to their training

why choose it?

We believe that this short journey gives the opportunity to quickly learn the tricks, methods, times, products and techniques necessary to obtain excellent results with the often unfavorable timing imposed by shooting and fashion shows

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