Which public transportation reach the Academy?

You can get to Blend Academy, in via Morimondo 5, by the following means:
Green underground Metro line - Porta Genova Station and then take the tram no. 2
Green underground Metro line - Romolo Station and then take the bus n. 325

What is the minimum and maximum age to register?

To enroll in our Academy it is necessary to be of a minimum age of 18; there is no maximum age limit to be able to attend.

Where can I find the detailed description of all the courses?

On the Academy website under the section COURSES you can find all the information. By clicking on GET INFO and filling out the form with your details, you will give us the opportunity to contact you to define a telephone appointment during which you can have all the answers to your questions; at the end of our conversation we will send a brochure which contains the detailed description of the courses along with the cost.

Can you take courses dedicated to learning cinematographic, theatrical make-up and special effects in your academy?

Blend Academy Milano is a make-up school dedicated to students interested in pursuing this profession in the fashion field and all teachers have this specific training. Our vocation is clear. The approach of our teaching, however, definitely goes beyond the usual subdivisions that are often mentioned to create distinctions between one type of make-up and another. We do not deal with cinema in the strict sense but we collaborate with directors and videomakers, we do not dedicate lessons to bridal make-up because those who learn to make up with our method will learn to be adaptable so as to create an undetectable make-up as well as to satisfy the most complex needs of a celebrity by attending the more advanced courses. We do not deal with theatrical make-up and special effects because we are convinced that these disciplines should be taught in specialized courses dedicated to students who are decidedly oriented towards these activities.

What is the difference between daytime and evening courses?

We have tried to build courses suitable for different needs: in general the evening courses are lighter from a daily commitment point of view and the Complex evening courses have a decidedly practical focus.

There is also a difference, in some cases, from the point of view of the training formula: the Advanced make-up course of 400 hours, for example, offers a very consistent also from a theoretical point of view and is aimed at students looking for a preparation for everything. round while the shorter courses have a nicely practical setting and are aimed at people who, having a working activity, are more interested in this type of training.

Is it possible to have a personalized interview?

Of course, it is sufficient to fill in the form on the site and the student will be contacted to make an appointment by telephone

Is there also the possibility of enrolling for a foreign citizen?

Yes, if you are in possession of a regular residence permit and if you have a minimum knowledge of the Italian language and a good knowledge of the English language

How can I access the advanced course?

The Advanced / daytime Make-up Course as well as the Saturday Make-up Course are to be considered Masters therefore they are designed for students already able to create corrective make-up, with matured trained manual skills and a consolidated knowledge of basic techniques and products. Access to this course is via an interview that can take place both face-to-face and remotely.

Is it allowed for students who wish to use the spaces and facilities of the school to be able to redo an exercise done in the classroom or try to make a make-up independently outside school hours?

Yes, after making a specific request to our office coordinator and if there are no other time schedules or courses active at that time. The students are held responsible to leave the used stations clean and tidy. During these personal excersises if a student needs a particular product from the school beauty kit such access must always be authorized by the school staff.

Are students covered by insurance during their school hours?

Of course, every student enrolled in a course is insured for the entire duration of his/her activity within the school.

How many students are admitted to each course

From 12 to 14, depending on the course. Blend Academy Milano maintains a very limited number of participants for each course so that each student can be followed in an absolutely personalized way by his dedicated teachers.

Does the student have to pay other expenses in addition to those for enrolling in the course and those relating to the purchase of the beauty kit?

The school provides a list of indispensable products for teaching that must be purchased at the beginning of the course, without which it is impossible to carry out the planned program. The student will not have to make other important purchases (apart from some small equipment that we do not list because the student may already have them) unless he feels the need, in a particular project to buy a specific product.

How many absences are allowed for each course?

Since these are short and intense courses, the student must have successfully attended at least 85% of the hours for courses that include 400 hours (Advanced Day Course) and at least 90% of the hours for courses that span from 24 to 200 hours (Short Courses).

How many installments can the cost of the course be divided into?

Depending on the duration of the course, we have provided for a different number of installments: three for the longer ones, two for the medium ones and a full balance at the beginning of the course for the very short ones. The methods of payment are clearly indicated in the brochure

Does Blend Academy issue a Certificate at the end of the courses?

At the end of the course a Certificate of Attendance is issued.

Does the Academy provide the models for the exercises?

Some courses in which beauty shootings are organized will see the presence of professional models on those occasions; during the days of normal practice, the students apply make-up mutually. The experience of being subjected to make-up sessions teaches the student in a very effective way how to approach the model, to keep the right distance, to always take care of personal hygiene and to develop a delicate sensitivity towards anyone who relies on our hands.

How do you get the beauty kit?

A list of required products to be able to perform the exercises proposed in class will be indicated at the time of enrollment.
Blend Academy Milano's choice not to provide the beauty kit directly to students has two main reasons:
1-As a matter of transparency, we prefer that our students proceed directly with the purchase of the necessary products because we want to be clear that the school does not receive any percentage from the sale of such kits.
2-Our main partner and supplier is Mac Cosmetics, an internationally known brand that has always worked closely with fashion make-up artists. Thanks to the sponsorship of Mac, students who will have to purchase the kit at the beginning of the course will have access to a 40% discount on all products and 20% for the products they wish to buy during the course. We have also included a short list of products and accessories from other companies (some of which provide a discount for our students) in order not to create a single-brand beauty and to provide savings without losing sight of the goal: to have an absolutely usable professional beauty kit once you enter the field of work.

Will the male students who enroll in the course have to have make-up?

At Blend Academy Milano we consider the experience of wearing makeup to be an integral part of the learning process, so the male students will also be models for their classmates. However, we invite our students to procure, for certain exercises, a female friend on whom they can apply make-up.

At the end of the course, does Blend Academy guarantee entry into the field of work or does it provide internships for its students?

Blend Academy Mlano was born as an incubator of Blend Management, a very well established reality at an international level in the world of beauty and fashion. Our goal is to create a training bridge between school and the world of fashion but while representing a preferential lane for those who want to access this environment, we cannot guarantee that all students are able to directly access the first stages of apprenticeship on the field by assisting our agency talents.
However, Blend Management is committed to remain a reference even after the end of the course for those students who need continued tutoring over time, offering advice on the next steps to follow to kick off their career.

Are the images produced in the shootings that are organized in the courses in which they are planned sufficient to create your own book?

The main purpose of the shootings that take place at school is to show the student the experience of an actual photographic session, how to relate to the photographer, what behavior is recommended to have on the set. The shootings represent a fundamental didactic moment for those who aspire to work in the fashion world. A make-up artist's book changes and grows continuously, it is enriched over time, with experience and opportunities. On these occasions, the student experiences firsthand and understands how to continue in the right direction to build his own book starting from the selected and well-set images, made at school.

How will the school intend to face a new health emergency that could forces students to partake in remote learning?

The school will follow the protocols indicated by the Ministry of Education.
It should be noted that by carrying out laboratory activities, our type of school is part of the category that in the past years in which there have been more closures due to Covid-19 it has started working with student presence earlier than the others.

What are the necessary requirements to access online teaching in case of need?

The student must provide for the adaptation of his own hardware and / or software and for the updates of the platform set up for the delivery of the courses. In particular, it will be necessary to have:
- A solid connection to the internet (for optimal use, an ADSL or fiber connection is recommended);
- One of the main browsers available and regularly updated.